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The International Psychology-based Coaching Association (IPCA)

Welcome To Psychoaching

Psychoaching is the official site of The International Psychology-based Coaching Association (IPCA). The objective of the Association is to promote the development of coaching as a discipline and profession, with solid grounds in the field of psychology; to apply relevant methods of psychotherapy to the practice of coaching and adapt proper research methods to examine the results of coaching.

The Psychoaching Concept

Psychoaching is a model designed to produce rapid change through the use of a wide variety of evidence based psychotherapy and expressive techniques such as gestalt, psychodrama, NLP etc. Psychoaching process leads the coachee towards self-actualization and personal growth, from a humanistic-existential perspective.

Psychoaching Study Programs

IPCA currently offers 3 online study programs with minimal residency requirements:

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